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Who wants to take another drive down Ashley Benson's lane?

01.04.2016by: Droz

That's funny. I wrapped up 2015 with Ashley Benson and now I usher in 2016 with more Ashley. Hey, I'll take all the Ashley I can get my hands on. This latest spread of the sex-charged babe comes from Ocean Drive magazine and features the Pretty Little Liars hottie doing her usual imminently bangable bit. There's a cool interview attached to this spread wherein Ashley discusses some of her private life and all the craziness that comes along with it. It always mystifies me when I hear amazing creatures like Ashley talking about how they don't date and quite often spend their nights alone with the cat or something to that effect. I just can't imagine how this could be. That's like those rich assholes who stash their beautiful, $100 mil Picasso in a vault, or keep their prized Ferrari in a vacuum sealed bag in a hermetically sealed room. I don't know why Ashley isn't more available, but it just doesn't feel right that some lucky guy isn't giving to her on behalf of men everywhere. Either Ashley is simply not being forthcoming or we guys are just too prone to intimidation to do right by her. I can't criticize too much. I'm not sure I'd know what to do with a prize like her either. I'd damn sure give it my best shot though.

Source: Ocean Drive


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