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Who wants to hang out and do something with Victoria Justice?

06.12.2015by: Droz

Queen cutie pie of the universe Victoria Justice was doing her thing in a few different places down NYC way yesterday. She strutted her superior stuff at events for causes I've never heard of, then got not busy pretending to hang out and text on street corners. She's been doing a lot of this terribly fake candid product placement nonsense lately. I'm not sure what she was pretending not to be hocking in these particular pics. I assume it's the skirt she's wearing, which is the one thing that's perfectly framed in all these pics. Previously Victoria was pretending to be caught at the point of purchase for some sun tan lotion. Must be a nice check on the other side of these endeavors motivating her to bother with such nonsense. You'd think being as adorable as she is would pay for itself. I suppose it is, to some degree. After all, ain't nobody paying you or me to model clothes on a street corner. They want Victoria wearing their shit. I understand. I too would love to have her to try me on for size.

Source: NSFW


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