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Who wants to get rescued by Keeley Hazell and her perfect body?

05.25.2015by: Droz

Well here's someone we don't see all that often, I'm sorry to say. When looking for the perfect big titty Brit body a decade or so ago, chances are good you probably wound up looking at a picture of Keeley Hazell eventually. But after a time Keeley decided to pursue more noble pursuits of some sort, which seemed to do little more than remove her from most people's fickle attention spans entirely. Fortunately those of us who will never forget Keeley can occasionally relive those Keely salad days when she decides to return to her roots as a one of the world's most sexy women via photoshoots like this one for National Geographic's network. I have no idea what exactly she's up to here. There's the obvious Baywatch reference with the hot one piece, but what's with the bellows? I'm sure we'll get the full story at some point in the future, but for now I'm just happy to get a look at how awesome Keely's lovely hips look in this retro number, complete with pokies and some exellent wedgie action. Girl has still got it.

Source: NSFW


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