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Who needs a gym? Charlotte McKinney stretches out the twins on the beach

03.04.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Charlotte McKinney certainly knows her way around a beach. It was only last August that we witnessed her in that spectacularly small bikini top as she frolicked in the ocean in Malibu. This time Charlotte decided to do some deep stretching along that same patch of Malibu sun shiny goodness. Once she noticed the paps stalking her, unfortunately we lost our view of her two biggest assets but the legs on this woman are nearly as long as her bra size is plentiful. McKinney might never be Victoria's Secret material (do they even hire models who don't need Photoshopped cleavage these days?) or even Sports Illustrated material (although they did give her a weird video casting call) but she's definitely candid beach material. Sorry, landlocked states. This is pretty much one of the only upsides to paying an exorbitant amount for cost of living. Enjoy your $300 rent! We're enjoying our Charlotte sightings!
Source: WWTDD


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