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Who knew AT&T girl Milana Vayntrub packs so much curvy goodness?

04.15.2015by: Droz

If you live in the States and watch any kind of TV you have probably seen comedian and actress Milana Vayntrub shilling AT&T's shitty cell service in various commercials. Up until recently these ads were the subjects of derision from yours truly, thanks to several frustrating experiences I've had with this company's half-assed cell service. Despite that unpleasantness, I've done a complete 180 after finding these pics of Milana attending the TV Land Awards the other night. I had no idea the admittedly cute spokesperson for mediocre tech giants was rocking so much in the way of incredible curves. Just another gross oversight on the part of AT&T. Since then I've been familiarizing myself with all things Milana across the web. Turns out we've been acquainted before. For instance, this hilarious parody of BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN wherein the secret love affair of two ladies is substituted for the dudes.

She's also got a comedy sci-fi web series called Other Space over on Yahoo, produced by former members of Mystery Science Theater 3000. Damn. She's funny, nerdy, adorable, stacked and kind of slutty? I think I'm in love. I'm not even f*cking joking there. I seriously wanna marry this woman now. Check out the gallery below, into which I've placed some rather choice images of Milana, and see if you don't feel the same as me.

Source: Superior Pics


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