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Who guessed Bella would be the first Hadid sister to pose topless for Vogue?

08.16.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I know I did. Considering that Bella Hadid is the younger sister following in the footsteps of big sis, Gigi, who in turn is trying to make her Hollywood Housewives mom proud, I knew it was going to be Bella. Some have argued which is better looking (my opinion: Gigi) and who has the better body (my opinion: Bella) but you honestly can't lose with either one of these model perfect siblings. It's also not surprising that the topless shots of Bella were taken for the Paris version of Vogue and not the American one, although I am surprised that supposedly the topless shots ended up being outtakes and the rest of the boring pictures I've included here are what actually showed up in the magazine. In one of the clothed shots you can see Bella wearing the black rain slicker she has around her waist in the nude shot. And might I say, it's nice to see a chick who's pierced her nipple but kept the jewelry more low key. No one needs to see huge barbells through a tender part. That's just cringe-worthy instead of sexy.

Clicking on the images below will take you to the (obviously) NSFW versions.

Source: Fashionista


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