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Whitney Cummings' bikini body is nothing to laugh at

06.16.2017by: Cherry Liquor
I doubt I would have ever predicted that Whitney Cummings would get very many posts from me here at MovieHotties, let alone 2 in the past so many months. But the funny lady has been popping up in these great showcaseable situations that I'm not letting the opportunity pass me up. Whitney admitted to putting on 25 pounds after her own sitcom failed (don't forget, she's also the creator of 2 Broke Girls, so she's not hurting), feeling as if she had gotten ridiculously skinny in her quest to look a certain way on camera. Considering that fact that she's still a rather svelte lady, I'd hate to think what the bikini would have looked on her a few years back when she was thinner. I also dig that she has a safety pin tattoo on her wrist, an idea she must have stolen from my brain, since I've been thinking about something similar for a little while but am unable to carve out the time to get it done. Which makes me think a beach trip to Mexico might be nice as well.
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