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Which one of Hailee Steinfeld's sexy features is the most enjoyable?

01.06.2017by: No Cool Handle

The easiest, most obvious and ultimately correct answer is, of course, all of them. But if you insert yourself into any clichéd scenario where you'd be forced to choose; what would it be. Based off this past week, I'd have to go with Hailee's hypnotic midriff... err, no, the legs. F**k it, this girl is the total package, worthy of the time it takes to give each and every part of her anatomical make up its due attention. Here's two sets of photos – one from a recent shoot with W Magazine and the other, her attendance to W Magazine's celebration of said shoot – each offering up nice views of what was just being discussed not but two sentences ago. The confidence Hailee Steinfeld projects indicates she's very aware of what a hot commodity she's become, the kind of multitalented hottie who's always in danger of an overinflated ego – you know, the diva syndrome. One can only hope Hailee avoids such trappings. Nothing dilutes the appeal of a promising prospect like a shitty attitude.

Source: NS4W


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