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Which actress was doing a cute little booty wiggle for her actor boyfriend?

08.14.2012by: Cherry Liquor
I'm going to type out a few sentences because I have to remind myself that our layout (new and f*cking improved, fothermuckers!!) reveals the first bit of one of our posts and I'd bet my biggest Katamari that I can get you curious enough about the rump shaker in question to get you to click on the teaser link image. At least, I believe that my superpowers extend at least that far. Which begs the question: if everyone really thought the SPIDER-MAN reboot was as good as they were reviewing it to be, why didn't the film reap in bigger than AVENGERS box office tallies? I can't say that I enjoyed the movie more than I did with THE AVENGERS (let's face it, while I've grown to respect Andrew Garfield, Jeremy "Hawteye" Renner he is NOT). I can say that I liked Denis Leary in the movie. I can say that I liked Emma Stone as Gwen. (Although what's up with the films constantly evading the real choice that Spidey had to make about Gwen?) I really liked Garfield as Peter Parker, something I was very uncertain about when I heard he got cast. Now I've meandered into territory that I was unprepared for. Emma Stone is the butt wiggler, teasing Garfield as they exit the back door of a sushi restaurant, being cute and candid before realizing that the paps were catching them on camera. Is it weird of me to point out the sign about beef and how it seems to be guiding people in the couple's direction?


Extra Tidbit: Does he look pleased or what?
Source: Daily Mail
Tags: emma stone


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