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Whether she's walking, standing or riding a bike, Kelly Brook is all kinds of hot

09.10.2010by: Randy the Ram

Hey folks, it's been a fun & sexy ride. Unfortunately for the WORLD this will be the last story I publish on, yep, it's time to turn in my badge. Now now, don't cry, I know you came here eager to read what I had to say as opposed to seeing a little T&A from your favorite celebrities. Just go on and click play to your "Amazing Grace" mp3 as I bid adieu to all these beauties.

Farewell ScarJo, your lips are so scrumptious and your boobs so yummy. Ciao Mila & Kristen, you make us geeks proud. Later Lindsay, you make me realize that fame is not all it's CRACKed up to be but I will always love to hate you. Bye Zooey, my angel faced beauty. Goodbye Christina Hendricks, goodbye Christina's boobs.

Kelly Brook... I think I'll miss you most of all!

Of all the chicks I didn't know before Moviehotties, the delicious K. Brook was the one that caught my attention the most. It's really no surprise why since she sure came at us with everything she had. Especially boobs, lots-o'boobs. PIRANHA 3D, lingerie, boobs, Playboy, bike rides, boobs, sexy dresses, bikinis, bikinis and more bikinis. Whether she's walking, standing or riding a bike, Kelly Brook is all kinds of hot. Today I only had some simple pics of Brook out & about going to who knows where. Sure, she looks gorgeous and all but it wasn't enough to say goodbye. A little search here and there and I came upon more pics of Kelly where she was promoting SkyRide again and seriously, has there ever been a woman who looked this hot while riding a bike? This chick can do no wrong! And boy oh boy do I want to ride THAT!

So goodbye Kelly Brook, my hand and my penis will always remember you.


Extra Tidbit: I'd like to thank all the casual readers, the closeted pervs, the shocked wife & that old lady that didn't know how she ended up here for taking a look and commenting on the articles but I'm especially thankful for all you schmoes out there who make the whole Joblo network a very awesome cyberdestination. I'll catch you all on the MFC mothef*ckers! Farewell my friends. I go on to a better place.


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