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Where's ScarJo?

05.18.2008by: Cherry Liquor

People who have been waiting anxiously for Scarlett Johansson to show up at Cannes and help her fellow castmate, Penelope Cruz, promote their Woody Allen film, ViCKI CRISTINA BARCELONA, (where they share a kiss), are going to be left hanging. Apparently ScarJo has become quite the diva lately.

ScarJo requested extra services, including a personal hair and make-up artist that would rack up a cost of over 20,000 Euros for the weekend and wanted to stay in a hotel that was almost 30 miles away from Cannes, while the rest of the stars stayed in the heart of the city. Complaints from the studio producing the flick said that it would have taken too long for her to come in from that far every day.

An executive for the film company was quoted as saying, "It was crazy. Penelope and Rebecca were going to be working very hard and it wasn't acceptable that Scarlett would be having to come in from that distance every day, most likely turning up late and it would have thrown schedules into a lot of confusion. Also, I think, while Woody's terribly fond of Scarlett, he was a little upset that she wasn't being a team player. That said she has agreed to support the movie back in America and we're all delighted about that."

Extra Tidbit: The movie is set for release in September of this year. Click here to check out the premiere photos.
Source: DailyMail


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