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Where the hell are all the Odeya Rush pictorials

10.13.2015by: No Cool Handle

In a time where we're inundated with minute to minute photo sets of the Jenners, the Kardashian's, Miley Cyrus and other lesser lookers – how is it the ridiculously desirable Odeya Rush is gracing so few glossy magazine covers? I feel like sometimes I'm just resorting to promotional photos like these of her standing around just to give her the attention she deserves. How can anyone not be hypnotized by those hazel eyes, salivate while leering at those salacious lips, or appreciate the nice, healthy body image? There's a point to be made by tethering these photos to the Emilia Clarke: sexiest woman alive photos. I said in that intro – pertaining to her being the sexiest woman alive – I couldn't disagree more. Not to be mean, but because there's lovely creatures like this running around Tinseltown – ones that I think have much more appeal. However, we get dozens of issues from multiple magazines recycling the same ladies from the top of the hierarchy. All I'm saying is... spread the love! Put this girl in sheer, revealing outfits, pose her face down ass up, and print the f*#king shot already.

Source: Got Celeb


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