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When you think of Arianny Celeste, think bang

06.16.2016by: No Cool Handle

When promoting an energy drink named bang – some kind of hybrid fitness supplement/caffeinated kick in the ass – you couldn't pick a better face, or ass, to represent your product. "Bang" is most certainly a word that comes to mind anytime you think of the hard bodied UFC girl Arianny Celeste. The only less subtle way to make such an obvious association would be to have Arianny ask the question: Do you wanna bang? – superimposed on a close-up of her bangin' (pun intended) backside. Why it matters they set the stage in Puerto Rico(?), I don't know. The makers of yet another sham workout supplement could have done their shoot in the back alley of a department store and it would make nary a bit of difference – you've got your boobs, you've got your bang. What else do you really need?

Source: TMZ


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