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When SNL needs higher ratings, it calls in Jeremy Renner

11.19.2012by: Cherry Liquor

SNL has been flagging for some time now. Even with popular cult hosts like Louis C.K. doing the headlining (that's been the only episode I've watched so far this season, although I would have watched on Saturday if I'd known who was hosting), without the big names like the show's popular Kristen Wiig around, the newer cast members aren't doing much for ratings. Still, after Anne Hathaway hosted last week, and seeing as how it's the weekend before an American holiday, I was surprised to see that Jeremy Renner did much better than Anne. Aside from Bruno Mars who did double hosting and performing duties earlier in the season, Renner's appearance helped the aging sketch show get its second highest ratings of the year. Maybe it had something to do with Jeremy showing off his singing abilities. Maybe it was the way that he made crafty teaser ads with Keenan Thompson. Maybe it was the Avengers skit where Thor asked if anyone had a scrunchie. Whatever the case, Renner just gets better with age, a feat that is applaudable in any market.


Extra Tidbit: Good lord this man is hot. For those dudes who might be questioning now why I did a couple of dude posts, please put aside your testosterone for a brief moment and realize this: Renner may have gotten a promising start but by his early 30's, he buried his pride and returned to waiting tables in order to survive. He had a $4 a day food budget. No electricity. No gas. Just making enough to pay rent. For about 6 months. For someone to go through so much hardship and not give up on their dream is applaudable. For him to turn out to be one of the most sought after actor in current years is beyond that. He has clearly not forgotten what it was like to suffer for his art. I think that's admirable at the least, heroic at the most honest.


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2:58AM on 11/19/2012
The so-called comedy clip wasn't funny at all......Man SNL has sucked for years.
The so-called comedy clip wasn't funny at all......Man SNL has sucked for years.
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