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When Kate Upton airs out the twins, we're all winners

02.29.2016by: No Cool Handle

It's crazy how quickly the mind is able to move on. It's been so long since Kate Upton has been generous enough to make her enormous rack the focal point of attention that I almost forgot how awesome it is to stare at them. During their absence, it was easier than I thought to write Kate off, thinking she was just a flash in the pan and asking the question: was she ever really that hot? When those succulent sweater puppies remain hidden from the public eye, it's easy to label her looks as slightly above average. But the second those babies see sunlight (during her attendance to the Vanity Fair Oscar party), she transforms into this bouncing sex goddess, leaving the majority of my Monday morning spent clicking through all the glorious angles in which she is captured. I never knew how much I really missed them. So from now on, I'll never take for granted the beautiful images Kate Upton and her awesome tits are capable of providing. Sometimes, we all just need a little reminder.

Source: NSFW


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