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When Jessica Alba gets excited, we get excited

08.25.2016by: No Cool Handle

With a welcoming grin and nipples hard enough to poke their way through both bra and tank top, Jessica Alba makes her obvious excitement easy to share in. I don't know where she's going in these pictures, or what afternoon news was heard to put her in such high spirits, but she's awfully happy about it. For many of us, this set of images is what is needed to get as equally revved up. You see, we have no billion-dollar business empire, nor blockbuster action franchise (MECHANIC: RESURRECTION) opening this weekend. We need soul-soothing images of Jessica Alba's chest erections to feel any semblance of joy. Okay, maybe I shouldn't speak for everybody, and I'm not such a dour bloke. But damn if those nips don't make the everyday feel special; the mundane exciting; the repetition of life feel refreshed – and if just focusing on the nips is too demeaning for this day and age – so too does the woman they're attached to.

Source: egotastic


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