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When it comes to Jessica Alba bikini photos, less is not more

03.23.2016by: No Cool Handle

No one out there makes leisurely beach activities as sexy as Jessica Alba. The moment her big toe touches the sand temperatures within 100 meters rise, locals begin texting about her most recent sighting and anyone lucky enough to have been spending their day on the same shoreline takes a long moment to witness the beauty of Alba's organic ass in the flesh. The rest of us have to make do with whatever opportune photos were captured, and I think I speak for many of us when I say: I'm ok with that. It's always nice when you can lay a worn out cliché to rest; clichés like "too much of a good thing." That old adage has no bearing when it comes to photos of Jessica in a bikini, riding a long board with her legs spread wide open. Let's hope her Hawaiian vacation lasts a bit longer;  long enough to get at least one of her signature ass-on-all-fours shot ... I'm not tired of those either.

Source: NSFW


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