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When in need of someone in a bikini or less, Rachel Cook is your hottie

03.08.2017by: Droz

I like to include Rachel Cook among an elite group of super hot models who somehow don't get the term "supermodel" applied to them, despite the fact that they deserve it even more than some who are given that title. Other models I would put on her level are such hotties as Alexis Ren,Bryana Holly, and Carmella Rose. They're women who have everything one would ever need to be at the top of the modelling ranks, and hopefully one day soon will be, yet must contend with a well entrenched upper echelon of models who steadfastly refuse to fade away. That's a shame, because Rachel has one of the prettiest faces I've seen in the modelling world. And I'd say her elegant body speaks for itself. Girl is like a Greek statue come to life. I do so enjoy admiring such a work of art.

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