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When Eva Mendes talks about her shape, we listen

03.08.2017by: No Cool Handle

Usually, movie stars of otherworldly beauty don't come off as approachable as Eva Mendes. Her behind-the-scenes interview with Shape Magazine begins with the 43-year-old mother of two confessing her lack of desire to work out – "I never feel like working out; I never feel like working out, but I have to" – viewing it as more of a responsibility than it is a desired activity. A point of view many of us, not doubt, share. Her featured article for Shape somewhat contradicts that statement by proclaiming Eva relishes exercise, and that too is evident. It left me somewhat confused as to which statement is more in line with the truth. Oh well, her true feelings toward exercise will have to be left to the ambiguous. The self-proclaimed "homebody" – okay, this one has to be true; you hardly ever see her alongside Ryan Gosling during one his high profile public appearances – never comes off as anything less than authentic, both in her naturally beautiful appearance and in her frank, down-to-earth demeanor. Did I mention she's unbelievably gorgeous? Looking untouched by time and in the kind of physically fit condition that warrants a cover shoot for Shape Magazine.

Source: Shape Magazine


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