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When Emilia Clarke plays the Game of Cones, she plays to win

04.11.2016by: No Cool Handle

Winter is coming, and so too is any person who gazes upon Emilia Clarke's latest stroll down the red carpet. For you younger readers: the term cones - meanings tits - was made popular by a guy who starred in a few successful comedies throughout the 90s named Paulie Shore. Like his career, the term died when people realized it wasn't that funny, but, it rhymes with thrones so I used it; sounds better than Game of boosted boobs doesn't it? - although, the latter may be a more apt description. She attended the season six premiere of Game of Thrones, shall we say, propped up. If they elected who shall sit on the iron throne based on how much of their titties one bares, Ms. Clarke would solidify her legacy as a conquering hero after winning the battle of the buldge armed with nothing but the will to dominate over her hottie co stars and a push up bra that must've been forged in dragon fire.

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