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What's big, red and impossible to ignore? Iskra Lawrence's ass

02.10.2017by: No Cool Handle

Apparently, photos of Iskra Lawrence and her remarkably large ass have been periodically featured in the Movie Hotties section for about a year now, and yet, I myself have failed to notice. I hate feeling out of the loop and honestly have no idea how she slipped by me. I mean, it's not like that ass is inconspicuous, just blending in with all the rest. No, that's a booty that can't help but be noticed, as you'll see from these photos featuring the British model(?) packed ever-so-tightly into a red dress. For those of you who like to get down with the thickness, boy oh boy, does Iskra got you covered. Not only does it make you think of an eclipse because of how beautiful it is to behold – majestic, even – but because of its ability to cast a looming shadow on a planetary scale. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to "research" her entire back catalog. There's no excuse for being ignorant.

Source: NS4W


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