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What's the first thing you think of when you hear Melissa Debling's name?

05.02.2017by: No Cool Handle

What does Melissa Debling do when she runs out of ways to show off her enormous tits? She slaps on a beenie, stands in front of the fireplace and lets them all hang out. I feel for her, I really do; just as she runs out of ways to show them, I often end up describing them in a repetitious way, which is not necessarily a bad thing. When you're truly addicted to something – as I am with visions of Melissa's perfect orbs – the circumstances under which you get your fix hardly matters, so long as you get your fix. Ms. Debling is a savvy-enough Internet model to fully comprehend this. That's why no matter what the theme or variation on a past theme, the boobs stay in the picture. They're what we're here for; they're what's of value; it's her entire business model and it's because of them, when you hear the name Melissa Debling, you think "tits."


Source: egotastic


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