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What? More Victoria Justice? Hey, you know we never get tired of her

09.13.2016by: Droz

Like so many frequently seen faces around here, there's way more Victoria Justice content we ignore than post. I know that's probably hard to believe, considering how frequent a sight around here she can be. It's the truth though. Fortunately she's like pizza, or beer, or most things with Bill Murray in them - they never get old. I could look at her sweet, sweet face all day long and be just as enraptured as the first time. That's just how lovely she is. One thing I've noticed lately with her is an intriguing bonus in the boobies area. Big tits haven't been part of Victoria's array of features in the past. Just the opposite, really. But now things seem to have changed there. I don't recall Victoria ever consuming purse straps with her boobs or packing cleavage into corset-style tops. Despite this, I don't think she's had anything added. They just seem to be interested in having her simulate such additions. I'm intrigued with big titty Victoria, but I hope she doesn't pull the trigger on that for real. I'd much rather have modest and real, than big and fake. You just keep pretending, Vicky. We'll play along.

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