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What do you think of Gemma Arterton's new pixie cut?

12.05.2016by: Droz

I've been a vocal opponent of hotties lopping off their hair all at once. It's too big a change to go from long, beautiful locks to extreme short hair in one go. I could maybe see someone going at it gradually, like getting it trimmed just a tad at first and then proceeding from there. That way they let everyone get accustomed to the idea of their reduced hair content. But obviously it's their head. They can do with it what they want. Just don't rely on me to be all giddy about the results. I've cautioned more than one woman in my life against this course of action, which quite often results in some sort of tiff and me being labelled and asshole. I'm gonna stand by my position...mostly. For against my better judgement, I'm actually, surprisingly, kinda digging Gemma Arterton with this hair style. It suits her. But then what doesn't suit Gemma? Girl is virtually fool proof when it comes to this sort of thing. Nothing short of a wasting disease or chronic skin condition could ding her ability to look gorgeous. That's just who Gemma is.

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