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What better friend and lover could there be than Kate Beckinsale?

05.11.2016by: Droz

Kate Beckinsale was on hand for the premiere of her movie LOVE & FRIENDSHIP, looking like the best person you could find for either one of those relationships. There are so many great things about Kate. We list them frequently whenever pics of her surface on the interwebs. Probably the one most important thing which unites all of these great qualities is her inherent elegance. Doesn't matter what Kate is doing. Red carpets, restaurants, sidewalks, getting the mail, sweeping the deck, washing the dog - everything I've ever seen Kate do anywhere has this elegant overtone to it wherein her perfect everything just manifests no matter what the situation. With many more normal hotties, they have a few moments of greatness in which they carefully craft themselves to look their very best. Then the rest of the time they exist as normal humans. I'm not sure Kate has those normal moments. If they told me she woke up in the morning with her perfect body sparkling in the morning sun and just stayed perfect the rest of the day, I think I would believe it. She's forever amazing.

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