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We're always on the hunt for more Minka Kelly cleavage

09.16.2016by: Droz

Minka Kelly showed up at some TV show premiere wearing herself a little see thru dress action with the perfect cleavage. I sometimes use that word hyperbolically, but that really is perfectly shaped boobage. It's just the right amount in every way. Leave it to Minka to do pretty much everything in just the right way. She was looking pretty happy at this event. Maybe she was chuffed about her high marks in her recent Report Card. Wishful thinking, but you never know. Celebs have a tendency to scout around the web looking at what its various outlets have to say about them. And our stories have hit the top of the Google search results before. It's entirely possible Minka is aware of how we see her as an A student in hotness. That's hardly an opinion. It's more of a fact.

Source: Superior Pics


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