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We'll take even a brief flash of Alexandra Daddario's golden globes

01.10.2017by: Droz

You hardly ever see a celebrity waiting in line. They always get preferential treatment wherever they go. That's one of the perks of being a celeb. Yet, it would seem there is one place where celebs are forced to queue up to get in, namely outside the the various Golden Globes parties. You know it's an exclusive event when even nominees like Hailee Steinfeld are forced to wait out in the cold and the rain to booze it up with their contemporaries. Too bad she didn't wear that dress to the main event. It makes a much better show of her perfect butt.

I just realized something else, now that we're on the topic of hot dresses. It's one possible explanation for why another Golden Globes party hottie, Alexandra Daddario, isn't getting the big ticket role love we all expect she should. This could be due to the fact that she hides all her hot dresses under coats. It seems there's not a single good photo anywhere of her wearing the exceptionally sexy number she had on for this party. Seriously, Alexandra, let me explain it to you. You wear those dresses to get attention. These aren't dresses you hide under coats or show off only to your celebrity friends. The see thru lacy number with the titties popping out is designed to be placed before a bank of camera people snapping off like crazy. Then we post the resulting pics of said titty popping dress for the world to see. Please keep that in mind going forth. Thank you.

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