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We'll take a room with a view of Chloe Goodman's balcony

02.07.2017by: No Cool Handle

At some point in their conversation with a hotel booking employee, most people ask for a room with a view. In Chloe Goodman's case, her room is the view. Forget about a hotel that offers you vistas of an endless horizon on top of crystal clear ocean water, book your stay at the Inn offering you a direct line of sight to Chloe Goodman's balcony. It's on that not so private platform you'll be privy to this British glamour babe bending over, taking selfies and resting her rack on the rails. This whole scenario feels staged. Unless this particular hotel is a well-known celebrity babe hotspot, it's hard to believe the paparazzi was wandering around her balcony at the exact moment in time Chloe chose to come out of her room wearing a sequence bikini. No matter, even if the happenstance manner in which this moment is portrayed rings false, I'm still thankful for some Chloe Goodman action.

Source: Got Celeb


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