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Well hello stranger! Kelly Brook and her huge rack return!

06.03.2016by: Droz

I can't believe how rare a set of Kelly Brook pics has become as of late. The last time we had cause to post anything new from Kelly was January. January? We used to post new pics of her constantly. I recall weeks where there was a new set of Kelly pics every damn day. Now we go almost half a year with not a peep from her. I suspect this is her new guy's influence at work. The two of them have been dating for awhile now, beginning right about the time when she disappeared from sight around here. Whether this is him withholding her from public view, or Kelly herself taking a powder from paparazzi attention, I cannot say. Whatever the story, a few folks with cameras did manage to get the legendary British boob phenomenon to smile pretty for some pics again last night. And it looks like nothing much has changed in 5 months. She's still exploding from her dresses as always, making sure we all get a good look at those miracle mounds of hers.

Good to know that some things endure, but please stop being such a stranger, Kelly. We miss you around here.

Source: NSFW


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