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We'll gladly take all the awkward hugs from Golden Globe winner Emma Stone

01.09.2017by: Cherry Liquor

Soooo... from what I hear, a lot of you were having trouble getting tickets to see LA LA LAND this weekend, gobbling up a higher per screen average than the box office topper, ROGUE ONE (I should also note that HIDDEN FENCES FIGURES killed with the numbers when it came to their average, topping everyone else at the box office with a wildly impressive $8,822 per screen, even if no one at the Golden Globes seemed to know what the name of the damn film was). It makes sense, since LA LA LAND, the second big release from WHIPLASH writer/director Damien Chazelle, was the big winner at the Globes, picking up Best Comedy/Musical, Best Actress & Actor in a Comedy/Musical, Best Original Song, Best Director and Best Screenplay, which is where it got a bit awkward for Emma. During Chazelle's screenplay win, she attempted a hug right when he went in for a congratulatory kiss from his girlfriend, after which Emma was seen mouthing the words, "That was weird."

What wasn't weird, of course, was finally seeing one of our favorite actresses get recognized for her talent. I loved Stone in the film, even if the entire time I was lamenting just how damn skinny & unhealthy she looked, with her shoulder blades slicing out the back of her frilly dresses as she danced with her best partner in thespian crime, Ryan Gosling. I hope during filming he turned to her and said, "Hey girl... I'll make you a sandwich because I can tell you need to eat it."

With award season, it also means a ton of other appearances in promotion of those splashy flicks, so I've also included all of the shots of Emma at other events, including the AFI brunch, AACTA Awards, W magazine party and BAFTA Tea Party.

Source: Huffington Post


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