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We'd fight for Elizabeth Olsen's sideboob skills at the Civil War premiere

04.26.2016by: Droz


Are you guys all pumped for CIVIL WAR next week? I got a nephew who's practically climbing the walls in anticipation for it. I think he'd like to make it a national holiday just so he can be the first through the door at the 10:00 am matinee. All the positive hype about this has even got me stoked for it. Not that I'm not interested in the comic movies. I'm just a little out of the loop most of the time. The whole backstory of where characters come from and all the various little details of their story is lost to someone like myself, who never read any of these comics. I have to settle for Wikipedia entries and the flurries of info my comic-loving friends bring forth when I ask them about a certain character.

One thing which will instantly translate to anyone seeing CIVIL WAR next week is the incredible beauty and hotness of Elizabeth Olsen, seen below rocking super heroic levels of sideboob at the London CIVIL WAR premiere. I found Elizabeth's Scarlet Witch character one of the more interesting aspects of last year's AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON. She is indeed quite witchy, both in her powers and in her appearance. She casts all kinds of powerful spells over me, which I'm entirely content to fall under.

Even The Captain knows a good thing when he see's it.

Chris & Elizabeth Love Boobs

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