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We'd all like to make the moves on Cobie Smulders

11.23.2016by: Cherry Liquor
So I guess there's something called New York Moves magazine (I can't type moves like a normal person, trying to autocorrect myself into "movies" every time) and Cobie Smulders is its featured actress of the month. Too bad in the magazine there's no accompanying interview detailing how to make the moves on this sexy MILF, although the shoot does show her as being the classy glamourous broad that she is, with plenty of sultry looks cast over shoulders and what not. Her recent movie, JACK REACHER: NEVER GO BACK didn't do the huge box office that tends to trail Tommy boy around, but I'm guessing she's saving all of the good stuff for when we reacquaint ourselves with her tough but beautiful Maria Hill in 2018's AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR (I do so hope she gets to be involved in one of the other Marvel films' hidden cappers, though). In between that time we can look forward to her starring in her hubby, Taran Killam's upcoming directorial debut, WHY WE'RE KILLING GUNTHER, which will also feature Arnold Schwarzenegger as the hitman that all the other hitmen are trying to take down, which sounds like a blast.
Source: Saw First


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