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We wanna watch Game of Thrones with Dakota Blue Richards

03.15.2016by: Droz

For some reason they're having a screening of the last season of Game of Thrones for celebrities over in London. I'm not sure why they're doing that, but whatever the reason it brought out the British hotties, among them Dakota Blue Richards. I think it's time for Dakota to drop the Blue part of her name, now that she's old enough to buy a beer. The whole child star middle name thing becomes redundant after a certain age. She would also do well to try for some more gigs across the pond. Right now she's mostly a UK actress, but I think she'd be a hit over here. Actually, they should put her on GoT. What better way to reintroduce her mature self to American audiences? It worked for Emilia Clarke and Sophie Turner. You know that show is always in need of more hot, naked women. Clearly she'd serve beautifully in that capacity.

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