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We should campaign to get Katy Perry into more tight t-shirts

10.24.2016by: Cherry Liquor
She's had blue hair and green hair and rubber dresses and funky shoes, probably doing more with her image while still keeping a running theme, but it's the long black hair, dramatic classic colored makeup that I prefer best on Katy Perry. The look that the singer was rocking when she and fellow pop singer, Miley Cyrus visited the campus at the University of Las Vegas this past weekend was quite fetching, especially that super tight t-shirt that seemed to cling to Katy's bosom like we would, reading "Nasty Woman," because, well, yes. We've been avoiding the topic of politics around here because there really should be no place for T&A on the campaign trail except in times like these, when the hot famous babes dedicate their looks to getting young people to register to vote... even if less than 5% of them turn out to actually do so. Maybe one day, when texting it in is an option, these stunts might actually do some good.
Source: Cosmopolitan


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