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We revisit Hilary Duff's grey haired days for her Breathe In Breathe Out photoshoot

12.03.2015by: Cherry Liquor
Because we can't get enough of that tasty Hilary Duff stuff around here, I present to you the photoshoot from her latest album, Breathe In Breathe Out. I'm not sure if she's directly quoting Bush with that title but I am sure that these pictures were taken during her brief blue to grey hair phase, first seen back in March of this year. I can understand why the girl at your local head shop (vape shop? What are the hipsters into these days?) would have mermaid colored tresses but it made less sense on Duff, who had been proudly blonde for a long time before that. Blame it on the happy divorce, I guess. I like these shots, even if they're fairly Shopped. Hilary looks happy and at ease, the one thing that most sexy shoots try to drown in bedroom eyes and sultry pouts. I prefer a good smile over a narcoleptic gaze any day.
Source: Saw First


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