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We need just one more Jessica Chastain hit to get well

05.13.2016by: Droz

Yeah, we're all pretty much Jessica Chastain junkies at this point. Just hopelessly freebasing her cocaine-like redheaded hotness at any given opportunity, like yet another Cannes red carpet event where the ginger beauty made herself worthy of addiction. I'm digging her whole throwback flapper look here. Drop her into a Paris nightclub circa 1925 and she'd fit right in. It's easy to get caught up in Jessica fever. She seems so open and sweet and down-to-earth - not the sort of person who would ever throw shade at a loving fan coming up to her on the sidewalk. Unfortunately, getting nice feels from Jessica on the street is about as far as anyone will probably ever get with her. Her Italian count boyfriend of 4 years makes pretty much any other guy look like a total loser. Thoughts of some dude banging Jessica in a lavishly appointed castle keep is like going cold turkey on her. If you enjoy being addicted to Jess, it's probably best not to think about him too much.

Source: NSFW


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