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We might need to rescue Ryan Newman from Sharknado's clutches

08.02.2016by: Cherry Liquor
There looks to be a hint of fear in Ryan Newman's eyes. As much as I want to like her SHARKNADO co-star, Tara Reid, gone are the days when she was still just a cute girl in Hollywood up to no good. Newman actually looks as if she's a good girl who is suddenly realizing just what crowd she's fallen in with. While Ryan has had a career in Nickelodeon shows prior to being the young exploitable starlet for SyFy, I'm worried that spending too long in the franchise will cause her to shrivel up and morph into a shadow of her former full potential. I'm hoping that Reid is teaching her something about being wise in the business, but after catching that "Marriage Boot Camp" footage where she yells at her boyfriend for supposedly trying to make her look dumb, well... I fear that the teeth of the shark & weather catastrophes are going to be the least of Newman's worries if she sticks around too long. Plus that Cody Linley (the metro dude cuddling up to her) is creepy AF.
Source: CelebMafia


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