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We might as well get one more Sophie Turner post in before the big weekend

04.22.2016by: Droz

Yep, it's gonna be nonstop Game of Thrones talk from now until some time in June. Those of you who like the show will no doubt be contributors to the discussions. Those who couldn't care less will probably be annoyed with everyone else's fixations. That's okay, because right now we're keeping the focus on Sophie Turner the person. Well, except for those first two sentences. And the headline. And another reference later in this post. Never mind. Anyway, GQ has got Sophie into a nice little spread this month, making the wise decision to put that amazing hair of hers front and center. Look at all that glorious red majesty. I could fall in love with her natural locks all by themselves, but what's even better is how great the girl who grows it is. Sophie's fun-loving, foul-mouthed, playful side hardly ever gets seen in her shows and movies. That's too bad, because she is a barrel of laughs. Just check her out in this GQ video below and tell me she wouldn't be the perfect person to be stuck inside with on a rainy day.

Source: GQ


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