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We might as well get one more Emilia Clarke post in before the big weekend

04.22.2016by: Droz

Emilia Clarke was also on hand for this refugee photos exhibit event last night, looking adorable as usual. We're gonna have to get used to not seeing those big, broad grins for awhile once GoT premieres. I believe it may be written into her contract that big, happy smiles are forbidden. Khaleesi is allowed only stone faces, terrified expressions and angry grimaces. Poor thing. It must be difficult for such a happy woman to keep things so dour all the time.

One way Emilia made many of us happy recently was by unequivocally withdrawing herself from any future TERMINATOR movies, should there be any more. I couldn't be happier to hear this. Apart from being one less excuse for them to keep beating that dead horse, it's an assurance that Emilia doesn't wind up hitched to a continually falling star once GoT is over. I'd hate to see her relegated to such a fate. Emilia is too good for that.

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