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We like a hot and sweaty Bella Thorne

02.02.2017by: No Cool Handle

Bella Thorne's sweat-covered body looks good glistening under white hot lights. The heavily pierced hottie was captured while performing a series of rhythmic movements (i.e. dancing), bouncing around like Richard f*ckin' Simmons – another eccentric redhead – on his workout program Sweatin' to the Oldies. Granted, you were never able to see the outline of Richard Simmons' nipple piercings through his halter top; then again, no one was asking for that shit. Bella's tits, on the other hand, are always a pleasing presence, unlike those ugly nasal rings younger hotties love to dangle from their nostril (Who would've guessed [that] beautiful women would be inspired to accessorize the way bulls do?). Bella needs to spend less time impersonating a bull and more time eating like one. Seriously, just a few additional carbs would do wonders. When you step on the scale and it says your weight is "meth head," it's time to put on a few pounds.

Source: lazy girls


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