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We know where Christina Milian wants you to look

08.25.2016by: No Cool Handle

Leave it to Christina Milian to make a spectators event out of buying ice cream. You have to wonder how much of her finger licking actions are done for dramatic effect. I mean, really – who eats ice cream in such a deliberately provocative manner? Her suggestive intentions couldn't have been any more transparent than if she was licking the sugary treat off the tip of a banana split. This is an obvious campaign for attention if I've ever seen (that's not a bad thing; hotties who can't help feed the need for attention is our bread and honey). I'm surprised she didn't "accidentally" spill a drop of runny vanilla goodness down those unsupported boobs. Speaking of boobs... hot damn! This MILF is becoming a go to girl for all things tits. Whether they are barely being contained in a bikini, or in a tank top, Christina ensures those bags of hers are the point on which to focus. Take a shot of those things in the same frame as a moment of Christina Milian's oral fixation, and you have a set of images hot enough to make that cup of ice cream spontaneously combust.

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