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We have a saying for women like Selena Gomez: Fine as f**k

04.13.2016by: No Cool Handle

The introductory title for the latest collaboration between GQ Magazine and Selena Gomez: Meet Selena F#%cking Gomez. My response: How do you f#%cking do(?) you sexy little minx. And may I say, these photos and their companion video are a real treat. But enough of the niceties; the truth is you'd be hard pressed to find a member of the human race who hasn't had intimate relations with this remarkably beautiful girl (in their most deviant daydreams, anyway). These awesome images will only serve to better acquaint us with her. That, and some insights like: how does she feel about her less then normal childhood. “I didn’t have an opportunity to figure out my life without people having an opinion every step of the way, I chose this. So I’m not gonna sit here and say, ‘Oh, my God, poor me, I didn’t have a normal childhood.’ I don’t give a f#%ck about that.” And on improvising with Seth Rogen on NEIGHBORS 2: "I was cussing a lot and being dramatic." Hard to believe, I know. Any who, come experience the joy, joy feelings you'll get from this spread and the behind the scenes video.

Source: GQ


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