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We got all the Hilary Duff butt that's fit to print

10.19.2016by: Droz

In other words, we got all the Hilary Duff butt. I can't imagine anything she would ever do with dat ass we couldn't or wouldn't post here. Girl has been making her usual rounds out in public, intent on making sure those paps seemingly assigned to her at all times, always get a good shot of her impressive backside offerings. You have to appreciate this, because looking around at the various candid shots taken of celebrity hotties, it becomes apparent pretty quick who wants their ass highlighted and who doesn't.

Those who wish to hide the ass will frequently exit the gym with some kind of long ass coat on, or a sweater tied around their waist - even though it's 105 out. Then you got ladies like Hilary. She gets out of the Merc with her shirt already rolled up in the back, lest they not get a shot of that extra good SUV exit or entry butt moment. Leaving the gym, she's got nothing but Lycra covering the booty. Even when she's ignoring the paps, dat ass is still there. So Hilary knows what's up. There's a lot to love about her, but an ample ass is still the quickest way to all our hearts.

Source: NSFW


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