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We concur with Kate Hudson's more flesh, less fabric approach to fashion

05.02.2016by: No Cool Handle

That Y shaped area between the breasts, something we refer to as the boob cleft, has almost replaced the boob itself as the choice bit of flesh mega hotties like Kate Hudson here prefer onlookers to focus on. However, on this most auspicious evening, the stunning MILF chose to omit so much fabric from her selected attire that her tits, and everything in between, were there for mass visual consumption. What a babe! It's almost impossible to separate the respectful regard in which I hold any beauty so unsullied by time and the primal not-so-respectful things that seep their way into the forefront of my thoughts. Not to practice in passive personal responsibility, but, I really have no control over it. Her power to shun the dilapidating entity know as time is bested only by her power to seduce. I, myself, have nothing to counter it with. Better just to sit back and let her work that magic.

Source: ns4w


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