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We caught Daniela Lopez Osorio doing some off duty bikini-wearing

01.20.2017by: Droz

Normally when you see a hottie like Colombian hottie Daniela Lopez Osorio around here, it's because she has a new spread as a bikini model or some other thing of that sort. This set of pics showing Daniela doing her usual thing off the the clock might not be as well polished, but they are in some ways more impressive than the others. Now, I wont name any names, but I have seen a few magically round asses deflate a little when taken out of the realm of carefully and strategically fitted dresses and liberal image processing. Which is a more delicate way of saying that some hotties are lying about the girth of their backsides. Not so with Daniela.

As you an see here, girl owns every ounce of dat ass naturally free and clear. This is the gift bestowed on many a Colombian hottie. They may have a country that sees a lot of turmoil, but their asses are amazing. Just look at the effect that had on this guy. I feel the same way when it comes to Daniela.

Happy Guy Daniela Lopez Osorio thong booty

Source: NSFW


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