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We caught a whiff of Katie Holmes' hottie glory days at the Fragrance awards

06.15.2017by: Droz

It felt like a bit of the Katie Holmes many of us knew and loved back in the day returned for a repeat engagement at these Fragrance Foundation Awards yesterday. She had a rough patch for awhile, but the last few years have seen her come back to form in a great way. All that nonsense with Tom Cruise is old news now, but I can't help but bring it to mind whenever I'm looking at him today. You'd think anyone separated from their own daughter for years on end would have reason to address the reasons for that and make a change. But equally tragic is how his insane cult bullshit lost hiim Katie as well. Girl was perhaps the most desirable woman on the face of the planet when they got together and certainly one of the cutest creatures I've laid eyes on. Any right-minded man would and should bend himself over backwards to keep such a woman in his life. Not Tom though. He was too busy fighting Xenu and the forces of religious tax exemption revocation. What an asshole. Katie deserves better and I do hope she's getting it. If not, me and millions of others are ready and willing to step in whenever she needs us.

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