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We can't rightly show one Jenner sister's bikini pics and not the other's

08.14.2015by: Droz

You guys and your knee jerk reactions to the Kardashians crack me up sometimes. Hey, I loathe them just as much as you do. I'm still a guy though. And as a guy, there's no way my gonads would allow me to turn away the barely legal baby of that bunch with her huge rack falling out of bikinis. Now talk to me in 5 years and it will probably be a different story with her. But for right now, the vast majority of heterosexual males totally would. But you go on denying that, if it makes you feel better about yourself.

I suppose you can do the same with Kendall Jenner too. Yeah, she's a part of that clan as well, but unlike the rest of them I'm willing to defend Kendall, up to a point anyway. In some ways she's the black sheep of that family, which is actually a virtue for her. Sure, she's got the same show off attitude as the rest, but I don't think it's possible to come from that twisted womb Kendall and her siblings have in common and not have a glutton for attention gene encoded into one's DNA. However, Kendall is the only sister who has parlayed that "look at me" fixation into a positive direction in her life, namely a modelling career. The girl is becoming fairly prolific there and not just because of where she comes from. She's really quite beautiful. Plus, she's the only daughter who hasn't inherited the family's absurd proportions. She's got very much the typical model body, with just enough ass to be dangerous. I suppose she gets that sleekness from her father, or... other...mother, kind of. Whatever.

The point is, I'm okay with Kendall. Yeah, she stands up to be counted with the rest of her dumb family, but what choice does she have? I got some true idiots in my family as well. Everybody does. But they're still family. Kendall is probably the only one in that lot who stands any chance of coming out of her family's window of fame with any integrity.


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