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We can classify Lindsey Shaw as a hottie in this Voyage fashion campaign

03.16.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I've always had a thing for babes on the fringe. Some end up garnering the favor of others (Juno Temple is a great example) so that I don't feel so alone in my adoration of them. Others are more undiscovered gems that I feel proprietary towards. Lindsey Shaw is one of the actresses I considered to be a fairly undiscovered babe, knocked for having a too-manly/square jaw and not enough tit meat but I think she's lovely, with expressions that other actresses are too self-conscious to make (those who live through faking it with selfies & stylized filters and the such) and acting talent that goes largely unrecognized. Shaw was great during her time on "Pretty Little Liars" and while she's still languishing in micro-budget indie movies and little known TV pilots, she certainly looks awesome modeling for the fashion line, Voyage. I'm hoping Lindsey will be one of those babes who takes off during her 30's, when meatier roles that emphasize quality of character than quantity of cup size come into play.
Source: CelebMafia


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