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We all succumb to our animal urges where Salma Hayek is concerned

06.23.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Even when the dress is flowy, Salma Hayek can't manage to hide those famous curves of hers. I understand the need for a more demure cut here, what with her movie SEPTEMBERS OF SHIRAZ debuting at the Museum of Tolerance, where there is such a large focus on the history of racism. That's some serious stuff, but Salma is seriously hot, so I don't think anyone was complaining. Not only is Hayek one of the stars of the movie, along with Adrien Brody, she's also an executive producer on the work, which follows the story of a Jewish family during the Iranian revolution. Next up before she hits her 50th birthday on September 2nd? The voice of Teresa Taco in the R-rated animated comedy, SAUSAGE PARTY, which is being released on August 12th, a far departure from the more serious nature of the film here.
Source: Daily Mail


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