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We all sponge in our pants when we see Britney Spears' sandy cheeks

08.05.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Everyone loves a comeback and after enduring a lot of shame in the public eye during her marriage to and subsequent divorce from Well-Fed, Britney Spears is certainly getting the last laugh. Her music career reignited, resulting in a top Vegas show that draws in fans and old vacationing people alike and she's never been in better shape (post childbirth, because of course she looked amazing when she was a teenager, what with youth on her side) and is enjoying herself showing it off. Brit was in Hawaii with her family for a little bit of down time, her favorite place to be when not performing on the Strip, I'm guessing because she has all of that crispy-tanning available and everyone is happy to see her look so happy. I don't even care if people mock her for being under her parents' watch, those people know what they're doing and I wish every downtrodden star had people like that in their corner.
Source: Daily Mail


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